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We know you're the same way. If you're not working on a masterpiece now, you're dreaming one up. And because we know that pain so well, we fight to keep our prices low and our inventory wide, moving your dream closer to a vision of polished chrome and a perfect wheel in your fists, growling with life like a pet grizzly. Then it's time for a new song, changing pitch through a wide-open exhaust and dropping octaves with a quick throw of the shifter. The feeling of glancing back over your shoulder as you walk away to admire the latest truck accessories you installed. We want to make that happen for you. So take a look around. And listen for the call.

There's something about the idea of a car that calls to us. That beautifully ugly symphony of greasy bits of metal, rubber, and glass all seem to sing in tune, and that song is aimed at us. So we work hard, we buy our projects, rusted, scratched, and warped, redeemed but unrestored. And then we put in the hours. Sure, we could hire it all done. But to pay away the experience of getting the grime under our nails, unwrapping new performance parts, and feeling the tiny sting of the welder sparks- we miss an opportunity. Building the beast is half the joy of owning it. Sometimes more.