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A Professional Difference

As much as it may seem like it, not all mirrors are the same.  Cipa USA Inc. can trace their roots back to 1926, when Cipa France began pioneering the automotive mirror industry.  Since then, even since Cipa USA broke off from Cipa France in 1985, Cipa has been innovating in the aftermarket mirrors industry.  Their commitment to clever, durable design has made them the premier mirror manufacturer for tournament ski boats in America.  And that's not a job for any old mirror.

Cipa USA Performance Parts and Accessories

Cipa USA Inc. began as a subsidiary of Cipa France over 65 years ago.  Cipa France, which first opened their doors in 1926, was a pioneer in the automotive mirror industry, supplying giants like BMW and Mercedes.  Cipa USA made a formal split from Cipa France in 1985, and is now privately owned and operated out of Port Huron, Michigan.  Today they supply aftermarket and OEM mirrors almost exclusively to the tournament ski boat industry.