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Crane Cams Performance Parts and Accessories

Crane Cams: Crane Cams is a premium manufacturer of camshafts, rocker arms and aftermarket ignition products. Crane Cams parent company Crane Technologies Group was originally known as Crane Engineering Company, Inc., and was founded in 1953. In 1970 the original name, Crane Engineering, was shortened to Crane Cams, Incorporated, better defining the company’s products and market of that era.

From that very humble beginning, Crane Cams has evolved into a nearly $50 million dollar per year manufacturing and marketing company. Crane products now include Power-Tuners, Ignitions, Truck-Power Products, Sport-Compact Products, and of course, Crane Cams and Valve Train Components for U.S. engines.

Engine Components
Engine Components

Products that enhance and strengthen the heart of your vehicle.

Fasteners & Brackets
Fasteners & Brackets

Fasteners made to hold your vehicle together.

Ignition & Electrical
Ignition & Electrical

Performance ignition components


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