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A Legend

Words are thrown around lightly these days.  But when discussing Vic Edelbrock and his son Vic Jr., legendary really is the best descriptor.  Vic began working on hot rods in the days of their genesis, the 1920s.  Edelbrock's innovations in intake manifolds, carburetors, and pistons (to name a few) have become benchmarks for the racing industry.  Edelbrock parts are like sacred relics among the hot rod community.  In 1958, Edelbrock designed a manifold for a small block 283 Chevrolet engine that managed 283 horsepower.  One hp per cubic inch had never been done before.  Edelbrock performance has become a legend, and you can be a part of it.

Edelbrock Performance Parts and Accessories

From Edelbrock intake manifolds to carburetors to EFI systems, Edelbrock parts run the gamut of high performance components.  But with Edelbrock, you don't have to worry about their specializing in many areas, because they take performance just as seriously as you do.  That means all their products are not just tuned and tested for performance, but for Edelbrock performance.  With a racing heritage of almost 90 years, you can be sure Edelbrock won't be cutting corners when it comes to innovation and build quality.  After all, they' have a reputation to protect.