Geneva Motor Show 2014: The Very Best from Elsewhere


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This year’s Geneva Motor Show didn’t feature many reveals from America, since most of Detroit’s new offerings, like the 2015 Mustang and F-150 have already debuted.  But the massive Swiss halls were still packed with new concepts from other places like Europe, Korea, and Japan.  Here are some of the heavy hitters.

 Hyundai Passocorto Concept

This orange rocket reminds us more of a Lamborghini Veneno than a Veloster, and that’s a very good thing.  Simultaneously svelte and muscular, the Passocorto takes a page from the Lotus Elise, featuring a mid-mounted 1.6 liter, but turbocharged to 268 hp.  Now allow us to make a collective Debbie Downer face, since it’s just a design study.  That’s not even a concept.  Design studies are like mushrooms or urban renewal projects or new TV shows starring washed-up movie stars.  They just tend to dry up and blow away.  Hopefully this one will have a significant impact.  With the Alfa Romeo 4C making waves, we’d love to see a new battle of the MRs.

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Jaguar XE

Teased, rather than revealed, at Geneva, the Jaguar XE is their foray into the burgeoning small luxury sedan marketplace.  They say they’re going after the BMW 3 Series and such, but that’s been around since The War (Don’t mention The War!).  Why build a small sedan now?  Our theory: the Cadillac ATS has shaken things up, and Jaguar wants a piece of the action.  No powertrain has been announced yet.

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Lazareth Wazuma GT Special

If you can’t remember where you heard the name Lazareth, that’s because you were terrified at the thought of riding their 250 hp V8 quad, the Wazuma.  Their new Wazuma, the GT, is in pseudo-car form, so it’s not so crazy.  But now it has a 375 hp V8, and it still only weighs 2,170 lbs.  So maybe it’s crazier?  But then, it only comes with an automatic.  So maybe it’s not.

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Civic Type R Concept

 Yes, it’s one of the coolest Honda Civics we’ve ever seen, and no, we don’t get it here.  Technically, no one gets the concept, but this should be pretty close to the CTR you can get anywhere else in the world, including the turbocharged 2.0 VTEC, producing 275 hp.  There’s even a petition running on to bring it stateside.  In the name of decency, sign it.

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Fiat 500 Abarth 695 Biposto

 Biposto is Italian for “two seats.”  Much of the interior of this mad hatch has been pulled in favor of a titanium roll bar.  It is festooned in carbon fiber, and the windows are fixed lexan, bringing the weight around to 2,198 lbs.  And when the turbocharged 1.4 churns out 190 hp, that’s quite effective.  The Biposto is also the only street legal production car with a dog ring gearbox.

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Maserati Alfieri Concept

 Based on the Granturismo MC Stradale, the new Alfieri is simply stunning.  Maserati built it to celebrate their 100th anniversary, but we think it needs to become the next Granturismo.  Because it’s gorgeous.

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Jeep Renegade

 Look at the little guy!  Adorable!  Treats if you can get out of the snow, buddy!  Good boy!  The Jeep Renegade is just the cutest little Jeep you’ve ever seen, which is why it will likely fail in the American market.  But we’re getting it anyway, because the Italian overlords think it’s a good idea.  The marinara runs red in this thing, too.  It’s based on the Fiat Panda 4×4 and it has a Fiat powertrain.  The US will get a 1.4 turbo with a manual, or a 2.4 with a 9 speed automatic.  The design isn’t even that bad.  It’s trim and efficient.  But we doubt it will catch on here.  Are we wrong?

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Mazda Hazumi Concept

 The happy days are over for Mazda, which means they’ve ditched the psychotic Joker smile of the old grilles in favor of a new, angrier look.  We’ve already seen it on the 6, 3, and others, but now it’s time for the 2 to get mad.  Enter the Hazumi concept, the little kid who compensates by fighting dirty.  The exterior is poised and balanced, from the mean headlights to the Miniesque center exit exhaust.  Mazda, change nothing about this (except for the automatic), and put it on the lot.

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Koenigsegg One:1

 1,360 hp equals one megawatt, which is why Koenigsegg calls this the world’s first megacar.  It also weighs 1,360 kg, hence the “One to One” name.  The theoretical top speed?  280 mph, enough to nab the fastest production car record from whoever the crap is holding it these days – if Koenigsegg was building more than 6 of these.  Powered by a 5.0 V8, the One:1’s turbocharger spools at just 2,500 rpm, thanks to its 3D-printed design.  Interior pistons bend the carbon fiber bodywork to improve aerodynamics at need.  The entire boat weighs less than a Mini Cooper.  And under normal driving conditions, it gets more than 25 mpg.  The Koenigsegg One:1 is proof that if you have enough money ($2 million), you can buy the perfect car.

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Volvo Concept Estate

 It is simply the most beautiful shooting brake since the first Nomad.  And it’s brown.  It looks like the rear seatbelts can double as cargo straps, which is a work of genius, and there’s an expensive-looking stereo system under the glass rear floor.  And it’s impossibly beautiful.  It’s also beautiful.  That is all.

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Lamborghini Huracan

 We don’t want to live in a world where it’s a problem that Lamborghini’s new small car uses the same brilliant 5.2 liter, 600 hp V10 as their last one, the bestselling Gallardo.  Brand new, however, are the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, which has adjustable performance per the user’s driving mode of choice; the magnetorheological suspension, which firms up instantly at need; and the dangerously attractive bodywork, bringing it into line with big brother Aventador.

Author: Andy Sheehan

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