9 Things to Love About Fox Shocks


Fox Shocks, or Fox Shox, as they prefer to call themselves, have been champions in off-road racing suspension since they opened up shop in the mid-‘70s.  If you’re a fan of all things dirty and bumpy, you’ve probably seen their logo a thousand times.  You might have a set in your truck or SUV (even if you don’t take it off road). But there are a few things you might not know about The Fox, and none of them have to do with *Ylvis.  Here are nine more reasons to love Fox Racing Shocks

Reasons We Love Fox Shocks

1. Brian Deegan is a Fox Team driver

Fox Shocks Team Driver Brian Deegan
Omaha-born Brian Deegan must enjoy winning, because he’s tried several flavors of it.  Starting with a successful career in motocross, he moved on to rallycross, winning the 2011 GRC Event at X Games XVII; and stadium trucks, winning the Traxxas TORC title, also in 2011.

2. Fox makes other kinds of shocks, too.

You might know them for their truck suspension, but they also forge components for dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, and even mountain bikes.

3. ECS

Fox Shocks External Cooling System (ECS)
As an upgrade to their bypass reservoir-equipped shocks, Fox offers an ECS, or External Cooling System.  It uses suspension movement to pump fluid into a finned, heat-exchanging reservoir.  It can cool suspension fluid as much as 150 degrees during heavy use.  Fox code named it the “Cactus Cooler” during development, even though that sounds like an alcoholic beverage you try before you’re legal.

4. Heidi Steele is also a Fox Team driver.

Fox Shocks Team Driver Heidi Steele
Fox Racing doesn’t discriminate against gorgeous women.  If you have the talent, as SCORE driver Heidi Steele certainly does, Fox just might sponsor you.  Heidi and her husband Cameron run the successful Desert Assassins racing team.  Heidi herself has three SCORE and one BITD championships under her belt.

5. Bob Fox

Fox Shocks Founder Bob Fox
You know those rags-to-riches stories where the guy starts his business in his garage, then builds it into an empire?  Bob Fox is too competitive for that.  He started building his own dirt bike shocks in his friend’s garage.  A physicist and engineer by trade, Bob loved racing enough to be dissatisfied with the suspension components on the market, and he built his own.  Soon he had developed Fox Forks, or Fox Forx, which were a huge hit.  The rest is history.

6. Fox won the 1983 Indianapolis 500.

Yeah, they know their stuff on the dirt and rocks, you say, but what about the road?  Yes, Tom Sneva’s 1983 Texaco/Havoline Cosworth was packing a Fox suspension.  It’s not terribly surprising, as 14 of the 33 cars on the track that day were Fox-equipped, as well.  Sneva won the entire championship that year.

7. They have a facility in Bern, Switzerland.

Fox Shocks facility in Switzerland
No, they’re not just about desert racing.  Bern, as you can see, is probably the geographical opposite of the desert.

8. Fox Shox are often visible on the vehicles they inhabit.

Fox Shocks in action
As they are here, on Shannon Campbell’s insane 2008 King of Hammers racer.  In competition, Fox often ends up putting all their cards on the table, whether they’re on dirt bikes, in score trucks, or on naked, tube-frame monsters like this.

9. They helped this snocross racer build a new freakin’ leg.

In 2008, snowcross rider Mike Schultz had just started his second race of the season in Ironwood, Michigan when he landed oddly and rolled into the snow.  He opened his eyes to find his left leg up by his face.  It was a compound fracture so severe they couldn’t treat him at a local hospital.  They tried to fly him to Duluth, but severe weather kept the chopper grounded.  By the time they could drive him there, they’d given him 30 units of blood.

There was so much arterial and vein damage that the leg was entirely unusable, so Mike gave them the okay to amputate it.

Then he went and built a new one, with help from Fox, who provided a pair of their mountain bike shocks and full access to their machine shop and engineering staff.  Mike is now back on the snocross and motocross circuits, and he’s even snowboarding in the X Games adaptive league.

Images from ridefox.com

Author: Andy Sheehan

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