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Dynamat Xtreme For A Cool, Quiet, Luxury Car Feel

  • Stop intrusive road, engine, exhaust and wind noise for quiet luxury
  • Stop vibrations, rattles and squeaks, for superior car audio quality
  • Thermally insulate to keep exhaust and engine heat out and cool air in
Additional Information:
Dynamat Info Sheet - Download PDF
Dynamat Tech Spec Sheet - Download PDF

Dynamat Xtreme is the most efficient sound deadening material available. The peel and stick installation and moldable aluminum constraining layer make it a snap to install on all interior surfaces. Dynamat Xtreme also insulates the cabin against outside heat from the engine, exhaust and the environment creating a cool, quiet, solid interior in any vehicle.

Dynamat Insulation

Dynamat products install easily to the interior sheet metal of your vehicle to stop vibration, reduce road noise, increase the dynamic range of audio systems, and thermally insulate the cabin for a more luxurious and rewarding driving experience. And now, with things like Dynamat Xtreme, Dynamat Kits, Dynamat Trunk Kits, Dynamat Hood Liners, Dynamat Dynapad, Dynamat Dynaliner and more, it’s easier than ever to install Dynamat products in your vehicle. Dynamat Bulk Packs, like the Dynamat Mega Pack and Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pak offer additional convenience by providing everything you need in a single part number.

Why Choose Dynamat Kits?

The Luxury of Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
A vehicles’ comfort is heavily influenced by its ability to insulate its occupants from road and engine noise as well as heat and cold. Some vehicles do this better than others but any vehicle can be improved and every vehicle’s insulating qualities deteriorate with time and use. The thermal insulating properties can even help to improve gas mileage in warm climates as your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to achieve your preferred temperature.

Music That Never Sounded Better
The sound quality of any audio system is diminished by intrusive road noise and vibrations that serve to cancel portions of the audio signal and thus deteriorate overall acoustic quality. Additionally, powerful audio systems can aggravate loose seems, accentuate aging joints and generally vibrate everything to the point of annoyance. All of this conspires to diminish enjoyment behind the wheel. Dynamat ’s sound deadening and insulating qualities solve all of these problems.

A Solution for Every Problem
Dynamat’s primary product is a thin, easy to cut, easy to mold, self-adhesive sheet that installs simply to nearly any interior sheet metal surface for both acoustic and thermal insulation. The Dynamat product line has been expanded over the years, however, to include a variety of compounds and thicknesses engineered for specific areas of vehicles and/or to solve specific problems. This ongoing development has made it even easier than ever to install Dynamat products simply and with dramatic results.

This page outlines each of the various Dynamat products and Dynamat kits to help you determine which is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much Dynamat do I need?

DYNAMAT A SPECIFIC AREA: As a basic rule, take basic measurements of the area you intend to cover to find your basic square footage (example: for a door, just measure the height and width at the widest points of the area to be covered - don’t worry about calculating for complex shapes and curves). Then add an additional 15% to this number to account for curves, contours and waste. This will provide a very good estimation of the total product you’ll need to complete your project.

DYNAMAT AN ENTIRE VEHICLE: If you want to insulate and sound deaden your entire vehicle, then one of the Dynamat Bulk Paks is probably best as they provide enough Dynamat to treat an entire average size vehicle; consider Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pak or Dynamat Xtreme Shop Pak.

DYNAMAT DOORS, TRUNKS & HOODS: If you have specific problem areas, such as doors, trunks or firewalls then one of the area kits is the right choice; Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit, Dynamat Xtreme Wedge Pak, Dynamat Xtreme License Plate Kit.

TOP WITH DYNAPAD or DYNALINER: Keep track of how much Dynamat Xtreme you apply if you intend to further insulate with Dynaliner or Dynapad. This will provide you with a general size and area of each of these products to purchase.

Note: It’s best to err on the side of caution. In order to install your Dynamat products you’ll need to disassemble large areas of the interior of your vehicle. You don’t want to have to do this twice because you came up short the first time.

Q: I can’t Dynamat my entire vehicle at once, what should I do first?

If you are going to insulate your vehicle with Dynamat in stages, we recommend doing so in the following order for maximum results: Doors, Trunk, Rear Deck, Floors & Kick Panels, Roof, Hood, Fenders.

Q: Do I need any special tools or skills to install Dynamat?

Installing Dynamat is simple. You’ll need basic tools for the disassembly of the vehicle in order to access the bare panels. To install Dynamat you’ll need a utility knife or scissors for trimming, a roller tool to flatten the Dynamat and eliminate bubbles (trick: a baseball works great for complex contours), and a solvent based cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface before application. If you are installing on upside down surfaces you’ll need a spray adhesive as well, available at your local parts or hardware store. Upholstery adhesive works best.

Q: Are there Dynamat Kits made for specific vehicles?

Yes. Here is a list of vehicle specific Dynamat Kits:

Dynamat Xtreme Wedge Pack
Part Number: 10425
Contents: (1) 18"x 32" (457mm x 812mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme
Application: Use on rear decks, doors, floors and the floor of your trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound.
Dynamat Xtreme Bulk Pak
Part Number: 10455
Contents: (9) 18"x 32" (457mm x 812mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme
Application: Use on rear decks, doors, floors and the floor of your trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound.
$145.95 Free Ground Shipping on this Item
Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit
Part Number: 10435
Contents: (4) 12" x 36" (305mm x 914mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme
Application: Use on doors to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound.
Dynamat Xtreme Shop Pak
Part Number: 20410
Contents: (4) 10"x 10" (254mm x 254mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme
Application: Use on rear decks, doors, floors and the floor of your trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound.
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Dynamat License Plate Kit
Part Number: 19100
Contents: (1) 4" x 10" (100mm x 254mm) piece of Dynamat Xtreme (Self-adhesive)
(4) Neoprene Foam Strips (Self-adhesive)
(1) Decorative License Plate Frame


Additonal Insulation
Dynamat Dynaliner is an ultra light weight acoustic and thermal insulator used on top of Dynamat Xtreme to increase insulation in high heat and problem areas. It is made of a durable crush and tear resistant material that won’t absorb oil or water making it perfect for use on floors, firewalls, quarter panels, doors and hoods.

Dynaliner - Peel and Stick Application | Oil and Water Resistant | Ultra Light and Flexible

Additional Information:
Dynaliner Info Sheet - Download PDF
Dynaliner Tech Spec Sheet - Download PDF

Each kit contains one 32" x 54" (12 sq.ft.) sheet of Dynaliner. Self-adhesive.
A high efficiency, general purpose thermo- acoustic foam available in 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" thickness. Dynaliner provides high acoustic absorption and excellent thermal insulation for roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors and more. See chart above for application recommendations.
1/8" thickness
Part Number: 11101 $39.99
Contents: (1) 32"x 54" x 1/8" (813mm x 1372mm x 3.175mm) Dynaliner Sheet
Total Coverage: 12 ft2 (1.11 m2)
1/4" thickness
Part Number: 11102 $46.51
Contents: (1) 32"x 54" x 1/4" (813mm x 1372mm x 6.35mm) Dynaliner Sheet
Total Coverage: 12 ft2 (1.11 m2)
1/2" thickness
Part Number: 11103
Contents: (1) 32"x 54" x 1/2" (813mm x 1372mm x 12.7mm) Dynaliner Sheet
Total Coverage: 12 ft2 (1.11 m2)
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Eliminate exhaust noise and heat
Dynapad’s four layer composite barrier creates the quietest possible driving environment by insulating the most troublesome noise and heat producers. Exhaust heat and low frequency hum produced by many exhaust systems (especially performance exhaust systems) are among the most difficult cabin intruders to eliminate. Dynamat Dynapad replaces Dynaliner in areas such as floors, trunks and firewalls where heavy duty insulation is needed.

Additional Information:
DynaPad Info Sheet - Download PDF
DynaPad Tech Spec Sheet - Download PDF
DynaPad Automotive Roll
Part Number: 21100
Contents: 32 in. x 54 in. long roll 3/8 inch thick four-part composite with 1lb per square foot barrier material (12 square feet total)
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