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Carburetors, Throttle Bodies, & Aftermarket Fuel Injection Systems

Every engine needs three outside components to get going: spark, air, and fuel.  How the air and fuel are mixed can mean just as much for your performance as how much air is being forced into your engine.  And the debate rages on: carburetor or fuel injector?  Each has its advantages and disadvantages, often trumped by personal preference, efficiency, power output, or commitment to a pure restoration. 



Simple, old school, and classic, a carburetor uses your engine’s own air intake to draw fuel into the engine.  Used widely on American vehicles until the late 1980’s, and still used in NASCAR, carburetors are simple, inexpensive, and classic.  If you’re looking to increase the power of your vintage  ride, a carburetor by a company like Holley, Edelbrock, or Proform could be your solution.  Check to see how many barrels you’ll need.  Carburetors are available with two or four.  Another stat to watch for is the CFM rating, from which you can tell how many cubic feet of air per minute go through your carb, ranging from 350 all the way up to 1000.  Some carburetors are prohibited in certain states due to emissions laws, so be sure to check with state governments for carburetor regulations.


Fuel Injectors

With improvements over carburetors in fuel efficiency and emissions, electronic fuel injectors have become a standard on most vehicles worldwide.  Fuel injectors are knows for their precise, computer regulated fuel management, meaning they overcome the atmospheric issues that sometimes confront carburetors.  And as often as carburetors are trumpeted among car fans, EFI systems have become extremely sophisticated over the past twenty years, offering you the maximum amount of power needed from fuel delivery.  Brands like Accel, Edelbrock, and Professional Products manufacture some of the highest performance, most high-tech aftermarket fuel injection systems on the market.  Most have built in data acquisition systems and are programmable by laptop.  Whether you want to upgrade your current fuel injector or do a full fuel injection conversion of a carbureted engine, find your new system here.


Throttle Bodies

No performance fuel injector is complete without an equivalent throttle body.  Remember, your fuel system is only as good as the amount of air you let in, and an aftermarket throttle body is exactly the tool for it.  Size does matter here, so be sure to select one appropriate for your fuel system.  Of course, stock throttle bodies will work, but an aftermarket throttle body from a company like BBK, Holley, or Professional Products is sure to boost performance.  Most are CNC machined, so the butterfly valve sits perfectly flush with the throttle body walls.


Optimizing your fuel/air mixture can go a long way to increase your ride's performance, whether you choose to go with a classic, high performance carburetor or a high-tech, precise electronic fuel injector.