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Shocks Stabilizers by Fox Racing Shox

Fox shocks have been rocking the industry for more than three decades. They are the leader in design and development in the high performance shocks niche. Take the Fox Shox shock stabilizer: After years of real life testing and research during racing and heavy-duty off-roading, the Fox Shox stabilizer leads the industry. Simple stated, Fox Racing Shox are at the top of their class.

To understand why Fox builds the best suspension components, you have to understand how they got started. In 1974, Bob Fox began racing with his product in motocross. After 6 years of racing, tweaking, and tuning, Fox Racing, Inc. began in California. From those early days, Fox has been committed to real-world testing and off-road racing.

Today, Fox Racing Shox offers suspension parts for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes. Their combination of experience and proprietary knowledge allows Fox to offer a wide range of suspension components, all of which feature strong build quality and superior components. Fox has a team of engineers constantly working to improve their product line-up, and Fox is constantly testing and collecting data during races and heavy-duty off-roading.