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K&N 33-2304 Shape: Panel (Flat) Air Filter H-1 in. L-8.75 in. W-8 9/16 in.

Part No. 33-2304

This is a direct fit, vehicle specific part.
Please verify this fits your vehicle.
vehicle fitment information
Attribute Size / Style
Air Filter Shape Panel
Filter Material Cotton Gauze
Filter Re-Oiling Amount 1.06 oz (31 ml)
Height 0.938 in (24 mm)
Outside Length 8.75 in (222 mm)
Outside Width 8.563 in (217 mm)
Package Contents 1 Air Filter
Package Quantity 1
Product Style Panel Air Filter
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  • Replacement Air Filter
    • H-1 in.; L-8.75 in.; W-8 9/16 in.;
    2006-2007SubaruB9 Tribeca3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2006-2007SubaruB9 TribecaLimited3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.0XT Premium2.0L / 122 C.I.D.-2.0L / 122 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.0XT Touring2.0L / 122 C.I.D.-2.0L / 122 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.5i2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.5i Limited2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.5i Premium2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruForester2.5i Touring2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2013SubaruForesterX2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2013SubaruForesterX Limited2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2013SubaruForesterX Premium2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2011-2013SubaruForesterX Touring2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2010SubaruForesterXT Limited2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2010-2013SubaruForesterXT Premium2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2011-2013SubaruForesterXT Touring2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2009-2010SubaruImpreza2.5 GT2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2010-2011SubaruImpreza2.5i Premium2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2008-2011SubaruImprezaOutback Sport2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2012-2014SubaruImprezaSport Limited2.0L-2.0LGAS
    2012-2014SubaruImprezaSport Premium2.0L-2.0LGAS
    2010-2014SubaruImprezaWRX Limited2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2009-2014SubaruImprezaWRX Premium2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2008-2014SubaruImprezaWRX STI2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2011-2014SubaruImprezaWRX STI Limited2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2010-2010SubaruImprezaWRX STI Special Edition2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2006-2014SubaruLegacy2.5i2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2007-2014SubaruLegacy2.5i Limited2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2010-2014SubaruLegacy2.5i Premium2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2007-2009SubaruLegacy2.5i Special Edition2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2014-2014SubaruLegacy2.5i Sport2.5L / 152 C.I.D.-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2009SubaruLegacy3.0 R3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2008-2009SubaruLegacy3.0 R Limited3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2010-2014SubaruLegacy3.6R Limited3.6L-3.6LGAS
    2010-2012SubaruLegacy3.6R Premium3.6L-3.6LGAS
    2005-2009SubaruLegacyGT Limited2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2006-2009SubaruLegacyGT spec.B2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2006-2014SubaruOutback2.5i2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2007-2007SubaruOutback2.5i Basic2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2008-2008SubaruOutback2.5i L.L. Bean Edition2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2006-2014SubaruOutback2.5i Limited2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2008-2008SubaruOutback2.5i Limited L.L. Bean Edition2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2010-2014SubaruOutback2.5i Premium2.5L-2.5L / 152 C.I.D.GAS
    2009-2009SubaruOutback3.0 R Limited3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2010-2014SubaruOutback3.6R Limited3.6L-3.6LGAS
    2010-2012SubaruOutback3.6R Premium3.6L-3.6LGAS
    2005-2008SubaruOutbackR L.L. Bean Edition3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2006-2006SubaruOutbackR VDC Limited3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2005-2005SubaruOutbackVDC Limited3.0L-3.0LGAS
    2005-2009SubaruOutbackXT Limited2.5L-2.5LGAS
    2015-2015SubaruWRX2.0L / 122 C.I.D.-2.0L / 122 C.I.D.GAS
    2015-2015SubaruWRXLimited2.0L / 122 C.I.D.-2.0L / 122 C.I.D.GAS
    2015-2015SubaruWRXPremium2.0L / 122 C.I.D.-2.0L / 122 C.I.D.GAS
    2014-2014SubaruXV CrosstrekHybrid2.0L-2.0LELECTRIC/GAS
    2014-2014SubaruXV CrosstrekHybrid Touring2.0L-2.0LELECTRIC/GAS
    2013-2014SubaruXV CrosstrekLimited2.0L-2.0LGAS
    2013-2014SubaruXV CrosstrekPremium2.0L-2.0LGAS
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